Growing Popularity of Indian Automobile Factories

India is the leading automobile manufacturing nation in the whole world and ranks third after China and Japan. The auto industry of India is growing at a phenomenal pace due to various reasons like liberalization policy, easy availability of skilled manpower, lower labor cost and affordable operational and maintenance costs. Auto industry is expanding day by day as many new entrants are entering the Indian market. These entrants are mainly from the South Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea and Taiwan. This has increased the competition for all the Indian automobile manufacturers and is reducing their cost.

India is offering a wide variety of automobile products, which can be customized according to the choice and need of the customer. Some of the popular automobile products manufactured by Indian automotive industry include hybrid cars, electric cars, compact cars, high performance cars, sports cars, luxury cars, minibars and coupes. Indian automobile industries are providing automobile parts and accessories from some of the leading car accessory manufactures like Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda, Nissan, Citreon, Maruti Suzuki India and KIA. It is also providing aftermarket services and accessories for their vehicles.

Many of the automobile manufacturing companies have set up their own automobile factories in India. These automobile factories manufacture cars for export. In addition to this, many Indian car manufacturers are taking a step forward and are making efforts to enter into the global market. This has resulted in reduction of the overall export quantity to India but is helping the automobile industry to grow. You can get more information about Vietnam sourcing agent

There are lots of reasons behind the increasing demand of Indian cars. The foremost reason is that Indian cars offer good mileage with good safety features and the automobile industry of India is also contributing its share in the global export. With the liberalization policy of the government, the Indian automotive sector is being boosted and there is no difficulty in import and export of automobiles. As the export automobiles from India are increasing, the competition in the Indian automobile industry is also rising, which ultimately leads to an improvement in the quality of the products. There is a rise in the competition in the segment of utility vehicles, which include cars, vans, buses, trucks, taxis, SUVs, sports utility vehicles and work trucks.

Automobile industry of India is also providing custom accessories and aftermarket services at very competitive prices. Some of the leading automobile industries of India are VDI, Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault, Mahindra Diesel, Tata, ICICI Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, Renault, Opel, Nissan, Mercedes Benz India, Fiat, INTC East Coast, Westec, Pajero, Skoda, Daewoo, Kia, Unitech, Skoda again. However, each of the above mentioned car manufacturers has its own local and regional strengths. So it is quite necessary to analyze the requirements of the customers, in order to manufacture the product, according to the quality levels. All the automobile industries need to focus on their customer needs and customize the products accordingly. This is one of the most important benefits of working with an Indian automobile manufacturing company.

The auto multinationals have already started to explore the opportunities provided by the presence of Indian automobile factories. These Indian automobile manufacturing companies not only offer a wide range of products but also give easy accessibility to their products. Many international car companies choose to do business with Indian automobile manufacturing companies, due to the availability of labor force, skilled engineers, proper infrastructure facilities and a cheap but efficient transport system. These companies also provide the necessary training for the workers.