Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works in 2023

This would be a good post to consider boosting with paid advertising. So, if you notice a spike in reach on a certain day, click on that point of the graph to see the specific content and note how people engaged. We’ve already mentioned that your Facebook goals will vary depending on your business and the type of content you publish. And it’s likely that much of the content you post will be to gain views or awareness. To schedule a post on Facebook, start by creating a post in the white box at the top of your Page’s timeline.

Adjust your content strategy accordingly and watch your Insights to see what works for shifting your audience to the one you want. It can be difficult to get a personal profile verified, but it’s quite easy for businesses of all sizes, especially if you have a physical location. The key is ensuring your proof of identity links are independent, non-promotional content from high-quality sources. Facebook is the most used social platform in the world, pulling in 2.29 billion daily active users.

Masiyiwa has racked up more than 3.5 million fans to his Page, ranks 437 among all Public Figures in the world, and generated 108+ million engagements to his posts in 2018. One simple suggestion to make this actionable is to repurpose your most-shared blog posts into a standalone Facebook video post. And it’s not easy to go out on a limb with experimental content, especially as a local police department. However, the NPD threw every traditional rule aside and decided to go for it.

And, 66% of all Facebook users check out a local business Page at least once a week. To build your brand on Facebook, you will need to develop the art of Facebook marketing that delivers high-quality content promoting your brand. At the beginning, I owned a business and didn’t have time to devote to becoming a painter, so I learned Photoshop, I photographed, and I did digital art, he added. I always told myself that when I retire, I’m going to hit painting real hard, which is what I’ve done.

You don’t want every piece of content you post to be lead generation, but experiment with a content mix that works for your business. Here’s what you need to know to get started with this step of your strategy. Since there’s no viewfinder, you’ll need to use the corresponding mobile app to set the shot and a tripod to keep the camera steady. They significantly decrease the time it takes to load content on mobile, while offering a seamless user experience. You know you’ve found an Instant Article if there’s a small gray thunderbolt below the title of the post. Facebook Instant Articles are a feature that allows publishers to post text- and photo-based content in a format that loads on mobile without leaving the Facebook app.

However, the format has received backlash because the publishers don’t own the analytics. One of the easiest ways to start populating your Facebook Page with content is to share the blog posts you publish. You shouldn’t share every blog post you create, but instead, pick those you know will resonate with your Facebook audience and hopefully get shared by your followers. To post on your Facebook Page, look for the white box below your cover photo that says “Write something …” and simply begin typing. From this field, you can also add a photo or video, tag a product or location, run a poll, or schedule or backdate your post if you so choose. Starting in December 2014, Facebook allowed Pages to include a call-to-action button at the top of the Page.

A verification badge is by no means necessary, but it does add a sense of authority to your Page and business. This could be particularly important for businesses in ecommerce or online services looking to build trust with potential customers and initiate transactions online. The first step to giving your Facebook Page an identity is adding a profile picture. This will serve as the primary visual for your Page, appearing in search results and alongside any of your content that shows up in a user’s News Feed. Most publishers suggest creating a photo that’s 180 x 180 pixels, however increasing this slightly will help maintain quality. If you don’t upload an image that is already square, you’ll be prompted to crop.

For video content, this is where you can find more in-depth metrics, including 10-second views, and average watch time. Below this is a record of all your published posts in reverse chronological order, as well their core metrics. Keep tabs on this chart not simply to track your results, but also to learn what types of posts your audience tends to engage with.