Contemporary Art Gallery Opening In London, UK

Since 1987, Grove Square Galleries has been an active member of the London Arts Festival. It has been presenting the work of international artists and bringing together a diverse cross section of the artistic community. The permanent Gallery is located at Sloane Square, London. The Gallery presents an annual exhibition of solo and group exhibition featuring the work of over 100 artists from twenty different countries.

Located within the old Bank of England building on the corner of Dalbey Square, Grove Square Galleries presents a unique blend of contemporary art galleries and restaurant. The Gallery is run by an ever-changing group of artistic personalities who maintain that the art-buying public is their first priority. The Gallery’s advisory service takes care of booking the most sought after artist for each show, and ensures that the artist’s show is advertised to the largest number of potential buyers. For this reason, the Gallery is continuously endeavoring to develop its program to suit the needs of each particular artist and his/her audience. In addition, we strive to present the world with new and exciting talent from every part of the world.

Most of the artists who have graced our screens have become renowned throughout the world and have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields. The Gallery regularly presents solo exhibitions featuring the work of well-known artists. We usually commission solo exhibitions from talented and controversial artists, whose work we like to feature in our solo exhibitions. These include installations that are both striking and provoke, and installations which are highly personal and symbolic in their meaning. An example of a solo exhibition by Christopher Kieling entitled “Watermills”, which took place in November of 2021, was recently featured in the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

This solo exhibition was organized in collaboration with Rizwan Haj Ebrah and Nadeem Esmail. The exhibition showcased a selection of works that were previously exhibited at Grove Square Galleries including the solo exhibition of Chris Kieling entitled “Watermills”. The works featured in this exhibition were chosen from a wide variety of media and genre. This being said, Rizwan Haj Ebrah and Nadeem Esmail were selected as the artistic partners for this venture. In tandem with this partnership, Grove Square Galleries in London has launched the world’s first contemporary art gallery in partnership with i Creativity, a company headed by Jon Bale.

The contemporary artwork showcased at this pop up art gallery is designed to engage people at all ages, across all cultures and backgrounds. In tandem with this, the company has also launched an online shop for its patrons. This is done in collaboration with boutique fashion label, MR Piques. This online store features clothes, accessories, shoes, lingerie, accessories, sunglasses and fragrance all under the category of menswear. It further encompasses a full complement of accessories including wallets and fashion bags. Furthermore, the company has also launched a gift shop comprising of a wide selection of gifts that can be ordered online and delivered to any location in the world.

In conclusion, Grove Square Galleries in London, UK has developed into one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the world through its innovative programme, its cutting-edge content and its unique aesthetic appeal. The company is also constantly seeking ways through which it can further enhance its clientele base through engaging with its customers and partners. The company is also committed to developing long-term professional relationships with its clients, thereby cementing its standing as one of the most sought after names in the menswear industry. Moreover, the company believes that investing in the kind of risk-taking initiatives is necessary to survive the highly competitive online market. This commitment has been credited for its success in combining high levels of design know-how with an online presence that has made Grove Square Galleries a truly stand out name in London, UK.