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I might normally be inspired by which one looks the coolest or which advertiser grabs my eyeballs more often . After my experience testing these water guns I can assure you that there are major differences in performance as well as best use cases. There are also a number of water guns that employ a variety of pressurization systems to propel water. For guns designed to be fired underwater, see Underwater firearm. Short of commandeering the hose, the Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka is the best way to deliver substantial streams of water to your opponents in a water fight.

The primary limitation with this design is the volume of water that can be effectively moved per pump. Increasing pump volume would require more user effort to push the fluid out, making larger designs impractical. However, this technology remains widely used today both in spray bottles as well as small water guns that can be found in a wide variety of shapes and colors. SAFE & DURABLE – Made with durable thick plastic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The cool look and bright color squirt guns will bring endless fun for children at any children’s pool party or outdoor summer festivity..

Companies such as Entertech and Larami created water guns modeled after guns popularized in movies such as Rambo. Stream performance was often not improved, but the motor removed the need to pump, which made the toys popular. The greatest fallbacks were that they wore out batteries quickly and that many trigger action blasters could outdo them, making motorized blasters the lowest class. However, their main strength—and consequent reason for dismissal—was their realistic styling.

Because of the battery power and other internal electronics, the Spyra Two is specifically nonsubmersible — you only dip a portion of the nozzle underwater to load it. If you’ve ever been in a pool-based water gun fight, you know you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up underwater at some point. What I did learn, however, is that some of these are specifically not intended for some of those use cases. Imagine my surprise at showing up to a fancy pool water gun fight (that’s a thing, right?) with my new, $174 water gun. More info here

Even as an adult, water fights should be simple and carefree. Fortunately, the Nerf Super Soaker Twister allows you to bring some of that childlike effortlessness to your battle with easy-to-use pump blasting and a remarkably light carrying weight. You’ll need to park yourself in or near water to get much use out of these, but that makes them great for pools or a trip to the lake. If you’re building your water gun battle arsenal, think of this as the closer range maximum carnage placeholder. If you have some strategically placed water loading buckets, the Spyra Two would be an amazing edge to a yard-based fight. You’re also gifted with a Halo-esque LED tactical display that keeps you apprised of your ammo situation, so you can plan your entanglements around that.