What Makes a Human Believe in Gods?

Many skeptics will say that what makes a human believe in Gods is pretty easy to determine. They say, for instance, that an uneducated person, say a youth, cannot believe in God because he does not know what God is all about and does not understand what goes on in his own life. Such a concept is flawed on several counts. Young people who do not have a religious background are often unaware of how religion affects their lives.

Religion can and does affect the way a human thinks, acts, feels, and even believes. It is this influence that some would say makes religion the root of a human’s faith in God. A religious upbringing can also make a believer closeted in his own notions of what God is or what to expect from God. Some would say that the religious upbringing causes a lack of self-esteem among some people. Some would also contend that the lack of personal relationship with God causes a void where there should be none.

So, what makes a human believe in gods? The answers vary from one person to another. Some say that what makes a human believe in a god is the external factor, what one sees or experiences in the external world. Such examples include looking at the rising and setting of the sun, seeing the tree of life, hearing the voice of the Most High, and so on. In these situations, what one is seeing and hearing is the effect of what a human sees and hears outside the presence of God. There is nothing supernatural about it, only ordinary everyday things that seem to happen around us that have a deep spiritual meaning. Visit this site for more information.

Another factor that would account for a person’s belief in the existence of gods is the internal belief system that a person has. This would include what kind of values a person has and how strongly those values rule his actions and thoughts. If those values are based on true information about what is happening in the external world and what is happening to people in particular situations, then a person could be a true believer in gods.

The third factor that would account for a person’s belief in gods is a personal need to make sense out of life. A person may be searching for a better way to understand what’s going on in his life. He may need to know why things are happening and what is going to happen next. He may need to have an answer for the question of how he’ll get to heaven or whether there really is a heaven. This can be a very personal quest, something that’s motivated by personal interest and a desire to find answers to questions that are nagging at the mind.

What makes a human believer in gods is no mystery. All it takes is a basic understanding of how the mind works and a desire to find meaningful answers to questions that are nagging at the mind. It may take an individual years to find the right answers, but that person will be better equipped to handle all of life’s challenges if he has a strong faith in the gods. Having a faith that’s based on true information about what’s happening in the external world along with what’s happening within the human mind can make it much easier for someone to deal with all of life’s obstacles. With this foundation, a person will be much more apt to live a meaningful life and gain the rewards that he deserves.