Rose and Glass Lamp – A Touch of Elegance for Your Home Or Office

A rose and glass dome Tiffany inspired lamp is not one that is going to dazzle you like a real candle in a vase, but instead will give you a fair bit of satisfaction when it is finished. There are many options to choose from when you are looking for something that has this type of effect. And once it is completed, there will be an everlasting impression on the part of everyone who sees it. In fact, this type of lamp does not get enough attention in the design world.

The base of the rose and glass dome lamp was already existent products which were bought and therefore were not altered too much. However, the diamond-tipped glass fiber optics are a bit of a work and add quite a bit to the final result, but even if someone looks at it from any angle, the dome is what really stands out. It creates such a visual presentation that there is no mistaking what is being depicted. And the sheer size of the rose gives it a sort of air of royalty. The price will also depend upon your budget, since there are some hand sculptured versions which can be very expensive.

For those who want something a bit less ostentatious, there are two other types of these lights. One is the regular incandescent bulb, which produces the standard white light. This type of bulb can create very vivid colors and are rather lovely in the bedroom, especially when it is used to highlight a woman’s lace covered legs or even a beautiful flower on the bed. These lamps also have an incredibly soothing effect on people who suffer from insomnia.

The second type of light is the halogen lamp. This type of light will cast a wider shade of light which gives more of a variety of colors for people to view. In fact this is the type most commonly found in libraries, conference rooms and office areas where people like to have contrasting colors. Some prefer a yellow-green hue or even lavender for a relaxing ambiance.

Rose and Glass Domes come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. They can be small and compact while others are large and oblong. They can be wall mounted or free standing. The wall mount type can provide the most versatility with its ability to mount on any type of flat surface such as a bookshelf, ceiling, table, etc. While there are some smaller sized dome lights, they are generally not as colorful or large as their larger cousins. For those who wish a true outdoor lighting effect, there are even flower power lights that can be plugged right into a home outlet.

Whatever the intended application, a rose and glass lamp will not disappoint. With their unique combination of color, shape and size they make for a truly fabulous decor choice. Their popularity is only increasing due to their adaptability and easy installation. Whether you are looking for an accent light or task lighting source you will find just what you are looking for in this type of lamp. You can get more information about