How to Find the Best Manicure Tables

Manicure tables are a basic part of any beauty salon and there are many different types of manicure tables on the market today. They can be very functional with storage or stand alone so it is important to know which one is right for you. Below are some of the different types of manicure tables that are available.

Manicure Tables by Design – There are many different styles of manicure tables and a great place to start is by looking at the design options that are available. Different manicure tables will tend to have varying dimensions but on average the biggest size of a typical manicure table is around: Length: 50 inches (124 cm) Width: 17 inches (43 cm) Depth: 4 inches (10 cm). Most manicurists use these measurements when determining how large of a table to order. This should give you an idea of what type of manicurist table you are looking for.

Manicure Table by Material – There are three main materials to look for when buying manicure nail desk. These are acrylic, wood, and stainless steel. All of these provide different looks and all of them have their pros and cons. Here are the main choices for each material so that you can check out the prices online and see which one is the best nail salon table for you:

Acrylic Manicure Tables – These tables are designed to be smaller than a standard manicure table but some have two lower compartments as well as one upper compartment. The base is typically three inches deep while the top of the table measures about four and a half inches. The table top has two adjustable heights that allow you to change the height of the chair. There are typically not any other features on these tables other than the dimensions of the frame and the base.

Wood Manicure Tables – These tables are larger than acrylic tables in almost every dimension. They typically measure about nine inches wide and ten inches tall. They are available with or without adjustable chairs. In some cases, you can buy specially made adjustable chairs to accommodate your clients.

Stainless Steel Manicure Table – These tables are larger than acrylic or wood tables, measuring up to a full forty six inches wide and eighty six inches tall. They can be found with or without Adjustable Chairs and come in various heights. The base of the table can be up to twenty two inches deep and the top is a full sixty six inches high. The table top can be adjusted from twenty two to forty two inches high. These tables are great for any salon and they usually cost more than the others.