How to Choose the Best Social Podcast App For You

Like and subscribe to  social podcasting app: Like and subscribe to podcasts so you can hear new episodes of popular shows as they become available. Discover hot new podcasts, chat with fellow podcasters, find hot new episodes and share them with your friends. When you like an episode, be sure to check out the related content and read articles, reviews and links to get more context around this topic. When you feel like you’ve had enough of a podcast, subscribe to another one by simply clicking the “subscribe” button in the corner of their page. This will keep you notified about any future episodes of the shows you’ve found particularly interesting.

Share music and podcasts: If you love podcasting, you will probably want to share your discoveries with others. The podcasting community is growing and many podcasters are creating profiles on various social networking sites so they can connect with other podcasters. When you’re on a podcast, share the URL to the podcast at various social networking sites or email them directly. You can also send them an email with a specific URL to listen to. They’ll likely have a very nice collection of podcast for you to listen to.

Listen and comment on other podcasters: There are many great podcast apps available now that make it very easy to interact with other podcasters. Some of these allow podcasters to leave comments while others allow you to podcast a particular topic or create a podcast. Either way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to respond to podcasts with a podcast message of your own. Some podcasters will even add you as a friend on their list. This allows you to stay in touch and build a network of podcasters who can help you with future projects or just to collaborate on projects.

Make podcasting easier with tools and add-ons: Many great podcasting software programs are available today, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use them or if the program itself isn’t user-friendly. Don’t be afraid to learn. It’s really not that hard to become an expert at things once you understand the basics. You can always purchase more advanced courses or tutorials to get you up to speed on new technology.

Find out what others are doing: There are a lot of podcasters who host podcasts on a regular basis or are highly successful at podcasting. Find out what types of things they’re focusing on or exploring when they get started. You can usually subscribe to their RSS feeds or listen to their RSS ads to get more ideas.

Use a podcasting network: There are a ton of great podcasting networks out there. Try to join as many as you can. It’s actually better to sign up for several because you’ll have more ways to find new podcasts that may be worth subscribing to. It will also make it easier to tell what other podcasters are listening to. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, start subscribing to podcasting networks and forums.