How to Become a Software Engineer

Those who are interested in learning how to become a software engineer should prepare for an education by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from a recognized institution. Students should then take a minimum of three years to complete this Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Computer Science in order to successfully complete the requirements for employment as an engineer.

Students must complete a minimum of a two-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in computer science. Students should then take up to three years to finish their Bachelor’s degree at a university that is accredited. Courses at such institutions as the University of Michigan offer a rigorous education in computer science. Students should also complete courses that are related to the field they wish to enter such as courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, English, math, physics, economics, business and computer applications.

The four subjects to be covered when one is preparing to take computer engineering classes include computer science fundamentals, software design and software testing, computer architecture and hardware and software systems, and the theory of algorithms and design. All of these courses are required for students who plan on entering the field of software engineering. In addition to taking courses related to these subjects, students should also take up to four core courses. This curriculum is necessary to provide students with a broad foundation that will allow them to complete all of their coursework. The core courses should include classes such as Introduction to Programming Languages, Fundamentals of Computing Systems, Data Structures, Algorithms and Design, Algorithms and Practice, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm Theory, Analysis of Algorithms, Software Design and Practice, Theory of Computation, and Analysis of Algorithms.

The four courses that make up the core curriculum of those wishing to follow a software engineering career path will also be required to be taken when one decides to attend graduate school. Graduates of the graduate school of computer science must take one additional course that is related to the field of software engineering. These courses will consist of courses such as Computer Organization and System Organization, Computer Architecture and Design, Data Structures, Algorithms and Design, Algorithms and Practice, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm Theory, Analysis of Algorithms, and Theory of Computation.

Graduate schools are required to abide by state guidelines that govern the level of accreditation for its graduate schools. Students should ensure that their programs are accredited by an accrediting organization such as the International Accrediting Commission for Engineering and Technology (IATCH). Students should also be aware of the accreditation status of programs before enrolling in such programs. Students interested in pursuing graduate schools should research the accreditation status of accredited programs in their area of study.

After completing a student’s education, students may apply for a teaching certification or pursue employment as an Engineer. Many employers prefer students who have previously earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science as an Engineer. To find out which employment opportunities are available, students should contact their prospective employer directly. Some employers prefer to interview candidates before offering them employment.